Bluebird Puts Car Rental in the Palm of the Renter’s Hand

Your customers can now book, rent, and return vehicles with no need for any rental staff to be present with the Bluebird PaaK (Phone-as-a-Key) Mobile App.



PaaK is a branded/private label mobile app that offers the following features:

– Customers can make reservations without needing to go to your website

– Branded/private label mobile app with your own company logo and information

– Inclusion in the Apple and Android Mobile App stores (again, with YOUR logo)

– Complete Back-end Telematics, including the ability to transmit the fuel level and odometer reading to RentWorks

– Vehicle locator on the phone map

– Damage reporting

How does it work?  A small black box, called the Telematics Control Unit (TCU),  is installed into each vehicle.  It doesn’t matter if the vehicle has a push-button start or requires a key.  The TCU is very easy to install as it simply connects via one cable (or two for non-push-button starters) to the vehicle’s ODB Port.  Then smartphones communicate directly to the TCU via lightning fast Bluetooth.  This allows the PaaK to work in areas when cellular network is down or where no mobile cellular system is available, e.g., ten floors underground in a parking garage.

Are you ready to save money on staffing and still satisfy your customers all day and night? Reach out to Bluebird today at 973-989-2423 to find out more about PaaK.