Go Paperless with Electronic Signature Pad

Are your file cabinets overflowing? It’s easy to go paperless with the electronic signature pad for RentWorks.

Electronic Signature Pads Eliminate Need for Paper

There’s no need to use all that paper for signed rental documents. It takes up far too much space in your office. In addition, it’s much more environmentally friendly to stop using so much paper. Why kill trees if you don’t have to?

With the electronic signature pad available for use with RentWorks, paper documents can be a thing of the past.

Here’s how the pad can help your rental business.

  • The large screen electronically captures your customer’s signature upon check-out.
  • You can also prompt the pad to accept or decline additional coverages or features, like insurance, GPS, or satellite radio.
  • The signature pad stores the images electronically. This eliminates the need to save hard copies.
  • The pads can program all necessary wording to display on the screen to meet legal requirements.

The minimum system requirements for an electronic signature pad are RentWorks 4.1 and the Web Client.  Remote Desktop Protocol/RDP via Terminal Services will not work with version 4 Signature Pads. Only one signature pad can be used per workstation, along with the appropriate user level software license.

For more information on how to get electronic signature pads for your workstations, contact Bluebird today at 973-989-2423.