How RentWorks Helps Control Costs and Reduce Risk

How RentWorks Helps Control Costs and Reduce Risk | car rental software

At Bluebird, we understand that the vehicles you rent out are big-ticket items. You want to keep them safe while keeping your customers happy and making rental payments easy. We can help you with that. RentWorks now uses Worldpay’s (previously Element/Vantiv) CardSense™ to help you easily and quickly identify your customers’ payment card types, including PIN debit, prepaid debit or healthcare cards prior to performing a transaction.

How It Helps

Bluebird’s philosophy is to always look for ways to simplify your daily operations and grow your business. Worldpay offers secure payment processing that helps streamline operations and improve the customer experience. Here’s how this information will help your business:

  • Ensures cards are handled properly at the point of sale

  • Mitigates risk

  • Lowers processing fees to improve operational costs

For most merchants, accepting a debit card is not a problem. However, your customers are driving away with a valuable piece of merchandise, which they are expected to return. You may already require a credit card to initiate the rental, even if the customer will use a debit card to make final payment upon return of the car. CardSense™, a PCI DSS compliant processing technology, fully integrates with business management software. You’ll feel more secure when using Worldpay, as security checks against credit card fraud are provided. The card’s ‘chip’
identifies the correct owner of the card, even if the name and card number on the front have been altered. Finally, you can now perform the credit card authorization and draft capture functions quickly, which will save you time and money.

Making Rental Payments Easy

Cardsense setup in RentWorks | vehicle rental software

CardSense™ works when a customer swipes or key enters a card. Due to restrictions in the EMV (Chip & Pin) process, it is not possible to determine the card type prior to obtaining an authorization.  After receiving the authorization response, RentWorks submits a CardSense request using data received in the authorization response. This data passes along to the Worldpay Express Processing Platform. Express queries the CardSense™ database. It then  issues a response to RentWorks indicating the card type.  If the card is a debit or prepaid debit card, RentWorks will notify the user. it will then convert the authorization to a sale (Paid Deposit) or reverse the authorization depending on a user defined setting. CardSense™ fully integrates into RentWorks, so you can use it seamlessly. Ultimately, your entire rental payment process is simplified and secured. Do you have questions about RentWorks or CardSense™? Call us today toll-free at 800-304-5805. We can help!

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