5 Marketing Tasks You Can Undertake In A Downtime

5 Marketing Tasks You Can Undertake In A Downtime | car rental business software

There’s no getting away from it: everyone is worried about the impact COVID-19 (coronavirus) will have on their business.

It’s natural. You’ve spent years building your business (or you may have only just got started), and this looks like it could put all of your best plans to waste.

The goods news? If you’re operating within the car rental sector, you’re in one of the most resilient markets out there. We think it has the ability to come through a worldwide pandemic relatively unscathed and ready for the inevitable rush of business thereafter.

The key lies in what you do from a marketing perspective – now – because that’s one element of your business that really shouldn’t stop, no matter what’s happening outside.

1. Revamp your website

Bluebird's Erez implements an e-commerce platform into your car rental business website | car rental software

So many businesses embark on a website project with good intentions. And, often, they result in stunning websites… that eventually fall into disrepair.

When you’re busy, the website takes second fiddle. It’s not right, but we understand why that’s the case. Now, you have time on your hands, and that website really could use a digital paint job, couldn’t it?

There’s no reason to invest in a full redesign (unless required), either – a simple proofread of the copy might illustrate areas that need improvement. Updating images and posting weekly blogs will also be a great use of your time. While you’re at it, try to play “renter” and make sure that rentals can easily be booked online. If your website doesn’t have a direct booking engine, this may be a good time to implement one, or refine your current booking process.

2. Keep the narrative going

Now, more than ever, your business needs a strong voice online. Social media is proving to be an important platform for people during the COVID-19 pandemic; it helps them share advice, learn and keep in touch with the people that matter.

For you, that means keeping in touch with customers. It means responding to any incoming mentions and furthering your company narrative.

Tell the story of your pandemic experience through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn; give people an insight into what’s going on behind closed doors and how you’re preparing to help people travel within the country.

3. Think about digital ads

Depending on how much marketing budget you have available and can realistically release at this time, digital ads are definitely worth thinking about.

Facebook provides a superb platform for precisely defining an audience, and that could be a godsend right now.

Think about your ideal customer and how they might be feeling. What reasons would they have to hire a car? If you can meet that need and target them via Facebook Ads, your offer might appear in front of them at just the right time.

There’s a reason the networks are slowing down; people are using social media more than ever. Use it to your advantage if you can genuinely help them.

4. Work with other local businesses

The saying ‘we’re all in this together’ is very apt now, and it’s something we should all abide by as business owners.

Two heads are always better than one when it comes to devising solutions for big challenges. So, with that in mind, why not reach out to other businesses in your area and see what you can do collectively to raise staff morale, increase brand exposure and do your bit for the community?

5. Tidy up your email marketing database

Email marketing platform

Chances are, you’ll have an email marketing list of some description, but when was the last time you gave it a decent spring clean?

With more time on your hands, it’s a great idea to delve into that list to remove duplicates, dead addresses and those who haven’t engaged with you for many years.

By the end, you should have a clean, healthy list which can be used to market your services when things begin to return to normal. 

As any email marketer will tell you, every campaign begins with the perfect list. Is yours offering maximum value?

Wrapping up

We can’t predict anything at the time of writing; news changes by the day and planning ahead is tricky.

There will be business casualties and things are going to be tough for a while – of that we have no doubt. But, if you follow our marketing tips above, your business should power through and make the most of the post-coronavirus world we’re heading towards.


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