Dollar & Thrifty franchisee finds new source of business

Dollar & Thrifty franchisee finds new source of business amid pandemic | car rental business

Dollar & Thrifty franchisee in Omaha, NE discovers new source of business while helping local community

With the car rental industry, like any other, feeling the effects of the current Covid-19 pandemic, fleet managers are frantically looking for ways to weather the storm. One business owner has managed to not only find a new use for her rental fleet, but serve her local community at the same time.

With reservations inevitably decreasing in the current economic climate, Molly Flodman, a franchise owner of the Dollar and Thrifty brands serving Omaha’s Eppley Airfield, found a way to serve a booming business amid the pandemic – deliveries. With a fleet sitting unused, Flodman thought outside the box and the fleet of vehicles is now helping serve a need in the community.

“We didn’t have any business and I thought we’d better figure out a way to get some,” Flodman told Auto Rental News. “We have all these cars and there’s companies needing to get their products to people.”

Rentals provided for essential businesses

With essential businesses such as grocery stores, restaurants and other food-related businesses still running, Flodman has gained new business in renting out vehicles to food-related businesses not partnering with delivery apps such as Uber Eats or DoorDash. “I’m imagining they have shelves of perishable food and a need to get groceries out to older customers,” she added.

With many businesses not prepared for the current situation, many were not set up for deliveries. As time has gone on, Flodman has seen more reservations roll in with businesses seeing an emerging need for delivery services. Local businesses are now using her rental location’s vehicles to deliver food directly to customers.

“We’re offering to do whatever it takes. We’ll bring them the car,” she said.

While Flodman added that there have been some ongoing struggles, she’s managed to keep her staff busy. Her main focus for the time being has shifted to making a difference in her community.

“We’re the only locally owned car rental company in Omaha,” she said. “We’re lifelong Nebraskans and we want to help.”

Wrapping Up

With the Dollar and Thrifty chain in Nebraska being a client of Bluebird’s it’s uplifting to see them take on this new initiative. We’re certainly in a time where stories like these are a welcome change of pace.


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