Don’t Forget About Rate Utilization In RentWorks

Don't Forget About Rate Utilization | Car Rental Software

If you are a Bluebird RentWorks user and you’re not using rate utilization, you’re not getting the most out of your software.

Did you know your service includes rate utilization? This handy feature allows you to set up a number of different tiers of rates. You can set each rate to a utilization range. For example, if you are 0-69 utilized you can set one rate; 70-85 percent utilized brings another rate; and 86-100 percent utilized yet another. Rate utilization allows you to run your system on auto pilot, as the system increases rates accordingly.

Rate Utilization Helps Automate Your Rate Setting Services

Rate utilization | car rental business software

You can also set rates for upcoming holidays. For a special event, you can artificially set any rate you want. Here’s an example: Let’s say you have a customer who wants to book a rental for July 4, 2020. Right now, utilization would be in a low range, since that date is still far away. Therefore, you’re quoting in low range. Using the special event setting, you can set your rate in whatever tier you want. This helps you guard against underselling yourself at busy times.

At Bluebird, we have automated the rate utilization process for you. We have flexible dates or date ranges, which you can use during any day or time of month that you know you’ll be busy.

Another example: If you rent moving trucks, you know that the end of the month is often your busiest time, since many people have to be out of an apartment by the end of the month. You can set higher tiered rates at the end of each month, and perhaps the first few days of each month. This makes it impossible to offer a lower rate, because it won’t show in your system.

Rate utilization is included with your standard services. It’s another tool that we have to help make you successful. While our standard services will make a world of difference for your car rental operations, be sure to inquire about the add-on modules that come with RentWorks. Our add-on modules allow you to truly maximize what the software is capable of doing for your business.

RentWorks of course, comes with many tools and features that you may overlook in your daily operations. We’re always there to assist you in any way you may need. Of course, there’s various training options, including webinars, formal classroom training at our headquarters, and so much more!

Better software, better support, better value. For over thirty years, Bluebird Auto Rental Software has been supporting its many, many happy customers around the world. Our flagship product, RentWorks, provides all the tools you need to run every aspect of your car rental business or service loaner department from the front counter to the back office. Call us today toll-free at 800-304-5805, or contact us here. We will be happy to walk you through Bluebird’s full suite of car rental software.