Upgrade Your RentWorks Program With Our Mobile Modules

RentWorks mobile and texting modules - vehicle rental software

While RentWorks provides you all the tools you need to run your business smoothly from your front desk to your back office, we’re now in an age of mobility. Consumers now communicate with companies by phone more than ever and it’s important to provide that option, especially when catering to a generation that’s all about speedy customer service

That’s why Bluebird has add-on modules that are specialized for you to run your RentWorks platform from a mobile device, plus module for communicating with customers via text. We’ve covered how our add-on modules can take care of primary accounting and accident claim processes, as well as convenient credit card processing and storing customer information efficiently. Today, we’ll be taking you through just what you can accomplish with RentWorks on a mobile platform. You’ll also learn how you can serve your customers more efficiently via automated texting. 

So, let’s get into how these modules can both enhance your car rental software and further please your customers!

RentWorks Mobile

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As more and more customers prefer handling business from the convenience of their phone, and to store files there, you can also handle your own business from the convenience of a smartphone. With RentWorks Mobile, you can check in vehicles, email receipts to customers and take physical inventory of your fleet from your mobile device.

Using any standard web browser, RentWorks Mobile will allow you to close contracts using the RA#, unit #, the renter’s last name, plus their VIN or license number. You can also check status lines to view the number of reservations and due backs. Customers will appreciate the increased convenience of your agent closing a contract in a quicker fashion. Not to mention, any changes in a rental agreement are displayed so you can verify them with the customer. Thus, the customer has the peace of mind in seeing the information, while having their contract closed in a quicker fashion.

RentWorks Texting

Upgrade Your RentWorks Program With Our Mobile Modules _ vehicle rental software

RentWorks Texting brings you a module that allows you to send text messages to renters, both manually and automatically. From the reservation and contract Drivers tab, a text can be sent to any customer listed in your system. 

This automated short message service (SMS) allows you to send texts to customers regarding upcoming reservations, rental agreements that are soon due for check-in or rental agreements past their scheduled return date. For an added touch that your customers will appreciate, a simple thank you text can be sent after a vehicle has been checked in.

This SMS text message module of RentWorks consists of a maintenance program to enter the various parameter settings for reservations and contracts are to be checked, when a text should be sent and when the actual text will be sent.

Customers will have the option to accept texts before a rental agreement is opened. Using a simple checkbox in the Renter’s preferences tab called “Text Messaging”, you can verify whether your customer will accept texts. From there, there are four stages of the rental period in which texts will be sent to the customer (manually or automatically, based on your preference).

Reservations Due:

The agent can set how many days in advance that a reminder text should be sent. You can set which hours of the day a message can be sent. Your default text message can be edited, but it’s best to keep your text at or below 160 characters, a limit usually imposed by cellphone providers. Our provided “fill-in” fields can be used to fill in data from the reservation or contract.

Contracts Due:

Our contracts due window runs very similarly to reservations due, simply reminding customers that vehicles are due back soon. You can also present the option for them to extend their rental.

Contracts Overdue:

For notifications about overdue contracts, you can set some grace period before the renter is reminded of the situation. A text will be sent every two days until a contract is closed.

Closed Contract ‘Thank You’ Message:

For a nice added touch, you can send customers a thank you message the day after the contract is closed. 

Adding these mobile modules to your RentWorks suite will help you feel that your business is operating in a modern fashion that will help you stand out. Your customers will appreciate the added convenience of mobility, as will you.

For more information on RentWorks Mobile, RentWorks Texting, or other RentWorks modules, please contact your Bluebird representative. In turn, if you wish to receive a RentWorks Mobile demo, please contact us for a login and password, then click here

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