Classroom Training Makes You a RentWorks Expert

Bluebird Classroom training

Did you know that once you become a RentWorks customer, you can come to our headquarters office in New Jersey for a full three days of classroom training? Here’s what you need to know:

You’ve purchased RentWorks. That’s great, but now what? Maybe setting up a new system from scratch is something you find difficult. That’s not a problem! If you need help getting RentWorks up and running, our classroom training is for you. You’ll learn everything about getting your car rental software exactly where you need it to be.

Here’s How It Works

We’ll start you off with an empty database and bring you completely through set-up, to the point at which you are ready to open and close contacts. This includes:

  • Background set up (Locations, Employees, Print Programs, etc.)
  • Setting rates along with fees & taxes plus miscellaneous charges
  • Entering vehicles into your system
  • Setting up extra features such as optional equipment and tour programs in your system
  • Setting up the loaner car module (for dealership loaner vehicles)

With our classroom training, we can help you get completely familiar with the software so that you will be quite comfortable renting cars using it by the time you leave.

While you’re here becoming a RentWorks expert, you can also arrange to meet with others in our company if necessary. In the past, we’ve had several customers sit with our analysts and go over their print program design.

We hold the training at our offices in Dover, New Jersey, which is 45 minutes west of midtown Manhattan. Since we aren’t slave drivers and won’t keep you working 24/7, we can offer you a list of local hotels, restaurants, and attractions so you can find things to do after hours. Please note that you’ll need to make (and pay for) your own travel arrangements.

Our classroom schedule for 2019 is available here. You can also view the full classroom agenda.

We also offer training classes elsewhere if we have enough customers in the area that would like the full three-day session. A few years ago we held one in Anchorage, Alaska!

Do you want to know more about classroom training, or make arrangements to come the next session? Call us today at 973-989-2423 or send an email to

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