Web-Based Car Rental Software: NetRent Provides Simplicity and Security

Bluebird Auto Rental Systems is committed to forward-thinking with the addition of web-based car rental software to our repertoire of services for your business needs.

If you are looking to cut costs, but want to keep the power Bluebird Auto Rental Systems’ industry leading software — NetRent, our web-based car rental software, is right for you. See what we provide, and what our customers are saying about it.

Getting familiar with SaaS (Software as a service):

Software as a service is based on the premise that customers should regard software not as a product, but as a service, with the focus being on the value derived from the software service by you the customer.

We launched this service with the customer in mind. We know the many benefits of our software, but we also understand the troubles and expenses brought forth by maintaining an on-premises server.

NetRent provides all the benefits of RentWorks, yet eliminates all the headaches and costs of managing a server and computer network. For a low start-up cost you can rent the best web-based car rental software available for a very modest per transaction fee. That’s right: you only pay for what you use.

The startup cost for our web-based car rental software includes:

Hosted server space
Bluebird technical configuration/administration
Classroom and phone training
Complete documentation
Supported Rental Agreement
RentWorks software license
Database license
Operating system license

When you purchase NetRent, our web-based car rental software, your database will be created on one of Bluebird’s New Jersey-based severs; your own login and password will be provided for secure access anywhere with internet access.

The real world application of our web-based car rental software:


Mike Sewell, owner of Dollar Rent a Car of Jackson Hole (Jackson Dollar). Sewell was faced with a dilemma. He was very happy with the services provided by RentWorks. However, the investments in networking — and the costs of maintaining a server were adding up.

“We were happy with the RentWorks features and service, but we needed to evolve our infrastructure to avoid major investments in networking and avoid the costs and hassles of maintaining, upgrading, and securing a server.”

– Mike Sewell

This problem is as important as it is common, and Bluebird Auto Rental Systems strives to face it head-on with our web-based car rental software.

Upon making the switch to NetRent, Sewell gained unprecedented flexibility for Jackson Dollar and Himself. The costs of maintaining a server have been eliminated, but not at the expense of the great services provided through RentWorks. The ability to manage his business via web-based car rental software allows him to work away from office — an important need in today’s fast-paced market.

In Jackson Dollar’s case, the transaction costs from RentWorks to NetRent were minimal and their data was seamlessly transferred to our server hosted in New Jersey. Sewell is now able to access the web-based car rental software not only from Jackson Dollar, but off-location too.

“I focus on procuring and selling fleet vehicles, and on setting and revising rental rates,” said Sewell “I can access NetRent from home to review business operations, and I can change rental rates in seconds. I now have greater access to operational information and I can access this information securely from anywhere.”

By acquiring our web-based car rental software for his operation, Sewell can attend automobile auctions, observe his fleet, and establish rental rates from miles away. Thus, no matter where he may be – he can be just as hands-on with his business as he would be in the office.

“Whether I’m 32 miles away and working from home or hundreds of miles away buying or selling vehicles, I gain password-protected access to the real-time information needed to make informed pricing decisions that protect margins.”

– Mike Sewell

Trust Bluebird Auto Rental Systems with handling the upkeep of web-based car rental software technology.

There are many dedicated business owners just like Mike Sewell, and it is our duty to provide options that allow you to focus on what matters: the constant improvement of your operation.

As for the technology behind our web-based car rental software: Bluebird Auto Rental Systems will gladly handle it. We implement any required server, operating system, or application upgrades. We also focus on providing security for your business operations.

For example, a user that logs in and requests a report cannot download it. Instead, it is emailed to pre-approved email address to ensure that only authorized users can access reports. Our hosting facility also offers extensive firewall and content filtering support to identify and prevent viruses and other security threats.

You’re not in the business of up-keeping technology; you’re in the car rental business. With NetRent, we allow you to focus on what matters the most to your business. Something that Jackson Dollar recognizes.

“Our expertise is in car rental, car procurement and selling fleet vehicles, and NetRent (web-based car rental software) allows us to focus on our core strengths and rely on technology experts to manage our applications.”

– Mike Sewell

Simplify your business and eliminate costs with NetRent, the premier web-based car rental software program.

Are you interested about Bluebird Auto Rental Systems’ web-based car rental software? See how we can help your business by contacting us today at, or by phone at 800-304-5805 — we want to hear from you!