Automotive Internet Marketing: Keys to Managing Social Media Accounts

Automotive internet marketing means having a presence across as many relevant social media outlets as possible. This can become a daunting task and organization is key. Make your automotive internet marketing easier with advice from Bluebird Auto Rental Systems.

Use Social Media Management tools to organize your social media accounts:

When it comes to automotive internet marketing, the need to be organized is of most importance. With so many social media outlets, it’s hard to keep track of your presence on each one. Fear not, there are tools that allow you to keep your accounts in one place and focus your time on automotive internet marketing.



Tools such as Hootsuite allow you to manage all of your social media accounts under one roof. Functions include: social media posting directly from the dashboard, scheduling posts in bulk (premium account needed) and analytics to see how effective your automotive internet marketing initiatives are – and where improvements can be made.

A free account on Hootsuite will provide you with the basics, however it is likely you will need to pay a minimum of $9 a month. If this is not ideal for you, we advise searching the web for a management service that best fits your business.

Other considerations to be made are that Facebook does not like you posting from services such as Hootsuite and will penalize your posts for doing so. This can be avoided by using Facebook’s internal scheduling function that exists in their Company Pages feature.



Still, the benefits of adding management tools to your automotive internet marketing strategy far outweigh the negatives. Even with a small monthly investment, the ability to manage all of your accounts in one roof will help dividends for your automotive internet marketing.

Using Automatic Posting Plugins with WordPress:

If you are blogging, and we sure hope you are, we recommend using WordPress for your content management. If you are using a self-hosted WordPress blog, make sure you are using plugins that allow your automotive internet marketing to work – even when you’re not behind the screen.

Most plugins are free, which keeps the costs of automotive internet marketing down. Given the services they provide you get way more then you paid for.

NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster is the go to for doing just that. This service allows you to sync all the accounts in your automotive internet marketing strategy and post your latest blog to all of those outlets. Again, please consider Facebook’s policy on this, and continue to post on there manually.


Another great plugin for your automotive internet marketing strategy is Tweet Old Post, which does exactly what the title says. Tweet Old Post will automatically tweet your past blog posts. There are options within the plugin that allows you to choose what content you want to automatically post, and which ones you do not.


Automotive internet marketing can be tough to keep up-to-date with, especially when you are working on it by yourself. However, utilizing these tools can make that task easier. For more information on automotive marketing check out our past posts on the subject. Also, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep in the conversation with Bluebird Auto Rental Systems.