Feb 25

5 Crucial Spring Car Care Tips

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This has been one of the more grueling winters that we can remember, but after winter must come spring. Here are 5 crucial spring car care tips to make sure your vehicles make a smooth transition into the better weather.



Spring Car Care Tip #1: Spring Cleaning (Car Edition)

Not only is spring a great time to clean out all the clutter in your house, but it also a good opportunity to clean the clutter that has gathered throughout the winter. This spring car care tip works for both the interior and exterior. Make sure to give your car a thorough washing of the salt that has damaged your vehicles body over the winter.

Spring Car Care Tip #2: Change the Fluids

We brought this up in the winter, but now it is time to change them again. This isn’t just a spring car care tip, as you should make sure your vehicle(s) oil is changed regularly, along with your coolants.

Spring Car Care Tip #3: Check your Belts and Hoses

Inspect and replace worn or cracked belts, as well as hoses that are blistered, brittle or too soft. Belts and hoses older usually have a lifespan of 5 years; always err on the side of caution.

Spring Car Care Tip #4: Tackle Your Tires

It’s no secret: the winter beats the heck out of your tires. Take the spring to rotate and balance your tires. Every vehicle in your fleet should have their tires inflated to the appropriate PSI (pounds per square inch). The potholes and the harsh road conditions ruin your tires and wear them down.¬†Properly inflated and balanced tires will only help your fleet in the long-run.

Spring Car Care Tip #5: Follow National Car Care Month

While the first day of spring is March 21st, April is when spring really comes into fruition. April just so happens to be National Car Care Month. Our spring car care tip is to take advantage of the beautiful weather and make sure your vehicle(s) are up to date.


While these spring car care tips will help the maintenance of your fleet, find out how Bluebird Auto Rental Systems can help you manage you optimize your fleets revenue. Contact us today!


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