May 16

Onsite Training is Available for RentWorks Software

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As a RentWorks customer, we offer you onsite training on our product. If you  need some extra help to get RentWorks up and working to all of its capabilities, consider onsite training. Here’s how we can help you. We offer trainings that range from 1-3 days. The consulting/training staff of Bluebird Auto Rental Systems is able to assist in the following areas:

  1. Perform a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis based on the dealership’s current courtesy transportation program.
  2. Increase CSI scores by improving customer experience.
  3. Book accurate appointments by matching vehicles with customers (or vehicle classes if a large fleet is available). Instruct dealers on how to utilize a reservation system such as the Reservation Planner and Daily Planner to maximize loaner management workflow (matching loaner units with customers based on relevant criteria such as vehicle size/model and features/options)
  4. Review the check-out and check-in processes with cashier, service advisors, or dedicated CTP personnel to make sure that they are swift and efficient.
  5. Ensure that all personnel are using the proper vehicle for the proper loaner situation.
  6. Develop strategies to improve utilization. We can:
  • Help determine the best purchase and allocation of fleet vehicles for the CTP.
  • Instruct the dealer on how to plan fleet based on current and historical demand as well as current trends
  • Analyze volume of dealer vehicle sales, manufacturing recalls, service and body shop appointments.
  • Analyze CTP vehicle demand with respect to current fleet size: are appointments being turned down because there aren’t enough loaner vehicles?
  • Instruct on monitoring the balance between supply and demand so that more vehicles can be added if needed
  • Evaluate any out-of-pocket dealer costs to see if they can be passed on to the customer. These would include:
    • Fuel
    • Fees (such as Domestic Security Fee)
    • Damage
    • Cleaning
    • Baby/Child Seats
  • Train on loss prevention: proper walk-around procedures (pre and post rental inspections).
  • Review customer qualification, especially additional drivers.
  • Train on vehicle maintenance and repair schedules.
  • Create processes for grounding vehicles when they have reached their time/mileage limits.
  • Review procedures for handling recalls.
  • Review procedures for handling license registration renewals.
  • Train on how to reduce administrative burdens such as tickets and tolls. Explain use of the vehicle date/time/license inquiry.  (Bluebird has a free interface with the Highway Toll Administration, HTA and American Traffic Solutions.)
  • Train on how to draw and evaluate on-going critical operations data from reporting tools (report scheduling and analysis). Review periodic procedures and reports common to the industry.
  • Determine the feasibility of a dual loaner/rental business model if desired. Retail rentals would also entail:
    • Developing rate yield revenue management strategies such as fluctuating retail rates based on seasonality, events, utilization.
    • Selling upgrades and ancillary products (for licensed non-PDP insured participants)
    • Stimulating sales channels through local market sales calls, local business referral programs, online organic advertising, PPC campaigns, and social media promotions.

Are you ready to get RentWorks working to its highest capacity? Call us today at 973-989-2423 to set up your onsite training.

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