RentWorks Mobile Brings The Power Of Mobility To Your Car Rental Operation

RentWorks Mobile Brings The Power Of Mobility To Your Car Rental Operation | Car rental software

Bluebird’s all-new RentWorks Mobile app will transform the way you use RentWorks

With mobility emerging as a major selling point in car rentals, Bluebird realized the need to develop a mobility option for its clients. There’s no denying that car rental companies have been emphasizing mobile apps, with the major players in the industry all seemingly offering customers a mobile app. While car rental consumers will certainly benefit from the plethora of options available, what about car rental professionals? 

While RentWorks Mobile was previously available as an add-on module, major improvements and enhancements have been made to RentWorks Mobile, now available as an iOS or Android app.

With a simpler interface and a POS device integrated in the iOS version, RentWorks Mobile provides car rental agents the tools they need to service customers directly at the vehicle, bypassing the rental counter. 

Bluebird officially launched the app at the 2019 WTM London last November. This coming weekend, visitors of the NADA Expo will be treated to a live RentWorks Mobile demo.

“This latest innovation will enhance our clients’ operations and our product offering, said Paolo Pannunzio, President of Bluebird Auto Rental Systems. “Its ease of use and POS integration make it the best in class.”

Cellular Connectivity

RentWorks Mobile Checkout process | vehicle rental software

RentWorks Mobile uses cellular connectivity, so rental agents can service customers out in the field. All that’s needed is a smartphone or tablet. 

RentWorks Mobile’s features include a fast check-out process with support for EMV payments.

Credit Card Scanning

Credit card processing for car rentals | RentWorks Mobile

As RentWorks clients know, the program handles credit card transactions and offers driver’s license scanning. RentWorks Mobile offers the same features to expedite the rental process. With RentWorks Mobile, your device can now manage rental fleets to expedite vehicle movements, prep for rental and much more.

Same Features as RentWorks on the go

RentWorks Mobile delivers all functionalities of RentWorks on the go | car rental business software

With RentWorks, Bluebird customers can modify vehicle statuses, print or email rental contracts, manage vehicle inventory and their fleet. RentWorks Mobile offers the same functionalities all with a simple, mobile-friendly interface. With a POS device enabled, transactions can now be completed away from the rental counter, getting customers on the move much quicker. 

With this advancement in Bluebird’s suite of car rental software solutions, Bluebird clients will now gain an advantage in offering mobility to their customers. Rental agents will also find it easier and faster to complete the checkout and checkin process with customers, freeing them up for other tasks

Those who didn’t have the opportunity to travel to London for World Travel Market will still get the chance to receive a live RentWorks Mobile demo at major upcoming car rental industry events, including the 2020 NADA Expo and of course, the 2020 International Car Rental Show in Las Vegas, NV.

Car rental professionals who would like to equip their operation with the mobility now offered by RentWorks can now do so. For more information on RentWorks Mobile, or to receive a demo, please contact Bluebird here or reach out to your account rep.

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