Erez Online Car Rental Reservation Software Simplifies Bookings

Erez: Online Car Rental Reservation Software Simplifies Bookings

Car rental reservation software has never been more convenient thanks to Bluebird Auto Rental Systems’ Erez and Erez Mobile.

Erez is a car car rental reservation platform. The software allows internet users to check car rental rates, as well as their availability for a particular date range. Erez can be operated directly from your website or from your RentWorks database. Erez is built by a team of car rental eCommerce experts. With eCommerce playing such a vital role in maximizing business, Erez will give you the capabilities previously only available to major franchises.

With Erez, your customers have the ability to book reservations themselves, directly from your website. This reduces the workload for your staff, allowing them to work on other pressing tasks. Erez puts the reservation process in the customer’s control. By booking directly from your website, reservations are no longer slowed down by exchanging faxes and emails. However, Erez also allows you to manage bookings. With Erez, you can apply rate rules, specify special event and blackout dates and much more. It’s fully customizable to your needs.

At Bluebird, our goals are aligned with our customers’, therefore Erez has no upfront cost! We only take a small fixed cost per booking. What does this mean? The only way we can make more money is by helping YOU make a lot more money. 

Some key features in Erez include allowing frequent renters to sign up and store their details. This allows you to increase customer loyalty, as an existing account speeds up the reservation process. Payments are also taken care of, as credit cars payments are made when bookings are made. You can choose from a variety of layouts to maximize online bookings. If your site has a unique page for mobile devices, we even provide a link which resizes the Erez pages. Therefore you can maximize online bookings in all forms, be it through mobile, tablet or desktop devices.

Owning and maintaining a modern website has become more and more crucial in eCommerce and in turn, maximizing your business’s potential. With detailed web analytics, Erez has SEO optimization, eCommerce reporting, Content Delivery Network and Enterprise-grade hosting built in. This allows you to run smarter, more efficient marketing campaigns.

With so much data to store into a website, the proper support is required. Erez’s dedicated support ensures your programs are always running smoothly. Our world class hosting and 24/7 monitoring gives you peace of mind, knowing your website is fully functional at all times. Finally, Erez manages your website content, vehicles, optional extras and promotions in multiple languages. This in turn, helps attract more international bookings from incoming tourists, or simply customers more comfortable booking in their native tongue. Oh, by the way, the multilingual function comes with no additional charge!

To learn more about Erez or Erez mobile, reach out to our trusted staff, or schedule a free demo!

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