3 Great Automotive Dealer Marketing Sites

As a car dealer, it is of high importance to stay ahead of your competition. Thankfully, staying up-to-date with industry trends, news, and marketing innovations has become easier than ever. Here are 5 great automotive dealer marketing websites to keep you in the forefront in your respective market(s).

Automotive Dealer Marketing Blog #1:

This website boasts itself as “The News Media of the Pre-Owned Industry”, with web content and digital archives there can be plenty of time spent on this site improving your automotive dealer marketing. The content on Auto Remarketing also gives way to trends and news in the used car industry; content includes financial, analytical, and technology. A must read for those in the business.

Automotive Dealer Marketing Blog #2:


Besides having great factual pieces, Dealer Communications provides readers with great op-ed pieces for automotive dealer marketing. The site boasts a large number of views and opinions and if you’re auto dealer you are doing yourself a disservice if you are not reading this site.

Topics range from marketing, to lead management, to dealer management and many more. Make sure you subscribe to their newsletter as well to stay up-to-date with the industry.

Automotive Dealer Marketing Blog #3:


For those looking for automotive dealer marketing tips specific to the internet, look no further than Kathi Kruse’s blog on automotive social media. She is an expert in automotive social media marketing, and is a great writer too. By subscribing to her blog, you will have the ammo you need to launch an effective social media campaign for your business.


Of course, the more you read – the more informed you will be. Please follow Bluebird Auto Rental Systems‘ blog posts on Automotive Dealer Marketing to hear what we have to say. However, trust us on these sources – they will keep you informed and at the very least entertained.