Tejpal S.

Excellent software to manage your entire rental car fleet or loaner car fleet. If you are planning to have multiple locations and would like to optimize fleet utilization, then Bluebird is the way to go. Excellent customer service. You will not regret coming on board with Bluebird. Excellent team. Keep up the good work!

Mike D.

Mayfair Rent-A-Car has been using Bluebird’s RentWorks software for over eleven years and has been very happy with the product. It is very user friendly, which makes it easy for new and existing team members to navigate. When there is an issue, the Mayfair team especially likes the ability to use the online support system.

Gil C.

Having been in the business for 35 years and reviewed several software providers and speaking with other car rental companies, I believe Bluebird offers the most complete solution to operate a car rental company.

Joshua M.

Bluebird is a great piece of software for our small business. It is cost-effective in that it is priced well for what it does. It has done very well by us, and they take our comments, suggestions and complaints to heart and make every effort to improve. Each new release has been a significant improvement,

Kevin D.

The rental process is straight forward. All you have to do is fill in the blanks. Training new employees on this part is a breeze. The loaner entry program has made our interaction with the dealers even smoother.

Alex Kwok

Our three locations commenced to use the NetRent system since 2005 and NetRent proved to provide the flexibility and a smooth communication among locations. We have greatly enjoyed the advantage of Rez Planner and the Display Daily Planner which can facilitate each location to realize the latest fleet status of Due Back, Reservation and Vehicle

John Leadingham

I have been very impressed with the products that RentWorks has to offer rental companies. Bluebird is always working to improve their products. They are devoted to their customer’s wants and needs, which is very important in today’s market. They understand that customers are what make the business and without customers, there is no demand

Peter Kennedy

Bluebird has truly given independent rental companies an affordable technological advantage over the big guys. Our deepest thanks to the Bluebird team for their contribution to our industry.

Antoinette Moik

Since Bluebird installed our computer network, connecting all six of our locations over the Internet, I have noticed a sizeable increase in our net revenue year to year. I attribute this directly to the management controls within the RentWorks software.

Matt Haase

RentWorks is the best rental software I’ve ever used. It continues to help develop our business, and most important is its ability to bring in revenue that used to be left on the table.